Adherence to Rigby Foods’ Food Safety Program policy is a vital component of our independent manufacturing contractual relationships.

We educate our independent facilities about company policy and enforce strict adherence. Our independent facilities are responsible for adhering to federal, state and local food safety regulations. If inconsistencies are discovered, we investigate the potential violation with the facility. Rigby Foods strives for immediate resolution of any non-compliance issues. Each manufacturing facility is aware that non-compliance carries consequences, up to and including termination of their association with Rigby Foods.


All Rigby Foods’ frozen fruit must adhere to local and federal laws applicable to the growing region as well as the United States, federal and state laws that strictly regulate the safe use of pesticides:  U.S. EPA, U.S. FDA. 

All independent farmers must adhere to local and federal laws applicable to that growing region as well as country specific import and export regulations.


Most water used for manufacturing is sourced from deep wells or municipal sources. Microbial levels in the water are monitored in every facility. All the facilities that manufacture for Rigby Foods must adhere to the same stringent water quality standards. Where alternate sources of water are used, Rigby Foods specifies a more stringent monitoring schedule and employs appropriate water treatment systems to ensure that the water quality is suitable for its intended use.

Foreign Materials 

Rigby Foods monitors foreign material in the field, fruit reception and during processing. All our processing and packaging systems incorporate sufficient product safety design, equipment and operational procedures to preclude physical, chemical or microbial contamination of processes or products. Detection systems used are but not limited to, physical inspections, screens, filters, magnets and metal detectors.

Farmer and Processor Education and Support

Through open innovation Rigby Foods’ independent farmers and processors are able to grow and process the safest, freshest, most flavorful fruit possible.

Product Traceability 

Rigby Foods’ products are all traceable to where they were grown and processed using our lot coding system.