Our Quality

Rigby Foods’ fruit is grown and processed using rigorous food safety standards, regardless of where it is grown and processed.

Quality is Our Priority

At Rigby Foods, we know that the best way to meet our customers’ expectations is to provide them with flavorful frozen fruit that is grown and processed with the greatest level of attention and supervision.

100% Onsite inspection

Our independent quality assurance team conducts continuous inspection of all our products during all stages of production. They approve every stage and provide micro-biological inspections and preventative controls, such as environmental swabbing. There is not a more thorough inspection done in the Mexico frozen fruit industry today.

Rigby Foods also issues and delivers a Rigby Certified Product Passport that details production from beginning to end of all customer orders. The passport includes a complete physico-chemical and microbiological analysis, lot and production codes, temperature controls and product photos.

Frequent Audits

Rigby Foods routinely audits all farms and facilities to ensure that we comply with and exceed national and international food safety rules. Our audits are performed at all stages of growth and processing to ensure document compliance and to validate that our fruit meets our customers’ specifications and expectations as well as all external and internal food safety regulations and standards.

Traceability System

Rigby Foods has a traceability system in place to identify the field and production dates of all fruit. Our fully implemented and validated system is capable of tracing all raw materials supplied to our customers back to the grower and field location. This system is periodically checked to ensure effectiveness.

Next to selecting the best fruit, Rigby has made food safety the single most important focus.

Our highly – trained certified quality team that is dedicated to independently inspect and ensure that all fruit meets and exceed our customer’s high quality standards.

Our Operations

Our 50 years experience in Mexico allow us reliable production capabilities and integrated Mexico-wide sourcing to provide the best possible fruit. Rigby Foods is one of the largest and fastest growing processors of frozen fruit in Mexico. We are able to offer Strawberries, Blackberries, Mangoes, Papaya, Raspberries and various tropical fruits and superfruits. Averaging one load of frozen fruit every day during production. We are your Mexico experts.

Financial Strength

Rigby Foods stands out for its financial strength that enables efficient processing and handling of local fruit production by our certified plants. We contract with the farmers and finance the production in the various Rigby Foods certified plants. This guarantees the volume requirements in a just-in-time price competitive market.

Our financial strength enables us to carry fruit all year as needed and allows us to accommodate off-season deliveries for various packs.


Each and every shipment is accompanied with a “product report card/passport” including analysis of the product and a photo journal of the whole of its production.


Whether by land or by ocean, import or export, Rigby Foods has a full logistics team that will deliver your product from the pre-selected fields in Mexico to your required final destination.

Rigby Foods thrives on having your product delivered efficiently and on time as well as keeping you informed along the way.