Our Story

Providing the best value frozen fruit for generations.

Frozen Fruit Runs in the Family

In the late 1960s James Rigby pursued his passion for farming and founded Rigby Foods. Today Rigby Foods is women owned and managed by James' daughters: Marianne and Gabriela. It is one of the largest exporters of frozen fruit out of central Mexico. Rigby Foods supplies a wide range of customers in North, Central and Latin America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Rigby Foods is a well-positioned company in the industry working with and empowering local certified growers and packing plants. Above all, Rigby Foods serves to provide amazing quality.

James Rigby, 1980

Family & Company History

Rigby Team

  • Marianne Rigby
    Head of Sales

  • Karina Padilla
    Head of Quality Assurance

  • Myrna
    Quality Assurance

  • Alejandra
    Accounting and QA Support

  • Araceli
    Logistics and QA Support

Our Team is Qualified

Our Operations

Our 50 years of experience in Mexico allow us reliable production capabilities and integrated Mexico-wide sourcing to provide the best possible fruit.